Every parent wants the best for their children and is willing to give up so much to see that they get it. While it is a parent’s dream and responsibility to provide the world to their kids, it is very important that a child also learns to take a NO without throwing a tantrum.

Whether you want to tell your little monster that they can’t go out because they have not finished their assignment or when you have to convince them that Santa cannot get them their personal Doremon (who doesn’t want that anywhere door), telling them ‘no’ once in a while can be really good for them.

The trick is to maintain the right balance between YES and NO, the comforts and luxuries. A child that is in the habit of getting every wish granted never learns how to handle a negative response and reciprocate it. Be it a small candy or the PS5 that he needs because all his friends have one at home, try to reason and do so in a friendly manner.


The tone and the volume with which you reply to your children are just as important as words that you say. Even the sternest topics can be handled with ease if explained calmly under the correct circumstances (especially with superhero references). Every child is different. Some children respond better when given an example or told a story. Patience mixed with lots of love and some cupcake batter is the magic potion to win their hearts.


Children are always curious, asking questions and trying to understand the logic behind everything. Explain the reason for the no and how there can be a possible negative impact of the issue at hand. Do not dismiss their demand in the blink of an eye, address any concerns they might have, and explain your point of view. Aim to end the conversation on a positive note (and a dance jam session).


Learning always begins at home. And as their coaches, we try to prepare them for all the obstacles that life could throw their way. Hearing a strict no once in while will brace them for the rejections, and teach them empathy, ensuring our little ones shape up to be confident and responsible individuals.

Also, be ready to hear the same NO from your child and accept it gracefully, provided it is justified. Respect their opinion and do not take the no as any kind of disregard or retaliation. Set some limits and boundaries that must not be crossed but be it food or home regulations, cheat days are a must. Give them lots of encouragement and appreciation every now and then. Also, a few gifts and surprises never hurt anybody.


Always maintain a friendly equation and parenting will become like the cookie that you and your child both enjoy.


Written by Ammar Lakdawala